Bringing Pipe Intervention Methods to the Masses

Pipe Intrusion Services Ireland explains Hot Tapping

Hot tapping and pipe line intervention methods have existed for quite some time. Originally developed to serve the needs of the Global oil and gas industries, over the years line intervention methods are slowly being embraced by other sectors.

Many people still believe that pipe intervention methods are high risk or unproven technology. This is far removed from reality. When planned and executed in a safe manner, risk can be mitigated or eliminated completely by various means.

Current technologies allow for processes such as hot tapping & line stopping to be undertaken on a wide range of services and systems.

Advantages of engaging pipe intervention methods can have a positive effect for the Client, both from an operational and commercial perspective. Avoidance of costly system shut downs or disruptive draining down of processes can often be prohibitive to a Client making a decision to implement certain changes, expansions or upgrades to their processes.