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Mission Critical Excellence Guide

The guide will showcase the best of Irish construction companies, influential engineering leaders, high-end projects and mission critical suppliers. This is our new resource for professionals working on the most complex projects. 

Top Engineering Thought Leaders to Follow​

Discover innovative leaders who are revolutionising the high-tech construction industry. Excellence Guide will present the elite of Irish data centre professionals responsible for making critical infrastructure.

We will highlight building teams behind outstanding design and construction efforts and the influencers with achievements and technical proficiency.

We will showcase general contractors and prominent builders renowned for management and governance of complex projects across disciplines. We focus on Turn-key, Integrated, Tailored services; Project Management, Construction Management & Delivery, Costs; Fast Track, BIM, Digital Construction, Document Management; Quality Assurance; Project Handover

We are compiling a list of the best vendors, manufacturers and equipment providers. The categories for this list include Electrical & Power: HV/MV/LV, Substations, Switchgear, UPS, Generators & Fuel, Cabling; PDUs, ATS/STS, Busbars, Containment & Supports; Mechanical: HVAC, Cooling; Adiabatic Systems; Pipework, Ductwork, Fire Protection, and more.

We offer an array of resources for high-tech and data centre professionals. A selection of case studies provide real life examples of challenges and solutions that work.

Forging long-term relationships with Key Partners

We bring Specifiers, Designers Consultants, Engineers, Contractors and end users together to identify OPPORTUNITIES for COLLABORATION.​

Strategic Sourcing

Complex projects involve numerous important actors including Owners, Engineers, General Contractors, Subcontractors, Installers, Trades and Vendors.

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All the best companies at one place- this is bE Guide