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In this edition of Built Environment magazine we focus on Solutions for the most demanding, high-spec data centre projects. 

Off-Site Modular

Data centre developers rely heavily on offsite modular construction and prefabrication. 

For time pressed U.S. tech giants who are racing to complete construction of new data centres, the off-site method has its merits.

Data Centre Snapshots

Novel approaches in high-tech mission critical projects are taking hold. 

We share insights into current topics and trends that shape data centre industry. 


Hyperscalers, Colocation and Enterprise data centres utilise a wide array of complex mechanical and electrical systems. 

We promote best practices to safeguard mission critical infrastructure and sensitive tech assets.

New Concepts

Some of the new trends we see in the industry are DfMA – design for manufacture and assembly and DIMC – designing for industrialised methods of construction. New digital concepts help ease of manufacture and efficiency of assembly.

One of the ways Jones are looking to the future of productivity is with the movement of the construction process away from the physical site into controlled manufacturing and assembly environments by providing modular and off site construction solutions.


Data centre market is booming in Ireland with high-profile international investors piling in. Industry players are fast at work building high-tech cloud infrastructure – a space worth watching closely given its importance to the Irish economy. Delivery of these complex, multi million euro mission critical projects requires strong technical experience, a highly specialised team and effective collaboration between vendors, design and construction team.

Kirby sees off-site manufacturing, whether it’s for data centres, pharmaceutical or med-tech projects, as a key strategy for the company into the future.

Operations Director at Kirby, Mikey Ryan says: “Data centre construction involves huge structural work, with many kilometres of containment, pipework and cable to install. Off-site manufacturing on these projects brings about efficiencies that allows schedules to be condensed”

Mission critical air cooling

Akrivis solutions cool equipment and deliver optimum conditions in prefabricated modular data centres. Specialist units, customised to your needs, delivering exceptional performance, outstanding reliability, and ultra-low energy usage.

Aubren has developed the ‘Akrivis’ range of fully packaged air conditioning units which are typically mounted to the outer walls of Prefabricated Modular Data Centres (PMDC’s).

Leo Craig, Managing Director of Riello UPS Ireland, explores some of the recent advances in uninterruptible power supply technology and looks ahead to the next wave of high performing and efficient solutions.

The stereotypical view of a UPS system as the big, bulky, inefficient black box buzzing away noisily in the corner of the IT room is certainly a thing of the past. Technology has come on in leaps and bounds over recent years, leading to significant improvements in efficiency and functionality in a reduced footprint across data centres or industrial, retail, and public sector settings.

Delivering data centres in Europe amid disruption and price hikes

By Lisa Duignan, Data Centres Lead Europe, Turner & Townsend

The economic and political landscape in Europe is having a complex impact on the data centre construction market, at a time when broad industry outlook in the region remains optimistic.

Amidst the current risks, wholesale data centre developers see huge opportunity. But achieving the best speed to market in such a tough environment will be critical to strengthening reputations and building a wider customer base. Speculative builds by newer entrants to the data centre market in Europe are expected to proceed more cautiously, especially if customer relationships are not mature.

Recognizing and mitigating fire risks in data centers

Data centers are comprised of many inter-dependent adjacencies, each contributing to the operational continuity of the facility. An event in any part of the facility can affect uptime objectives. A good design considers a holistic approach applying protection elements appropriate to the hazard. Viking – your global fire protection partner with regional footprint – is uniquely equipped to provide the right solution, based on data center activity, operation and plant location. Viking understands the challenges of modern data centers.

Rapid deployment in the construction of the DC is fast becoming a competitive edge. Simplified construction synergies can reduce the overall risks on DC delivery. The traditional construction of a DC requires more than 800 skilled workers on site at peak times – The challenge is how can covid restrictions be adhered to without jeopardizing the schedule? Prefabricated power supply modules from Siemens can simplify project synergies, improve project timelines, reduce the number of installation and commissioning specialists required on site.  Prefabrication not only shortens installation times and thus the overall project duration by up to 50% on site, but it also reduces investment costs by up to 20%.

For more information, contact: Derek Kelly, Regional Account Manager – Data Centres

E: M: 086 083 1086

IPS Flow Systems supply products from some of the world’s leading manufacturers including AGRU – The Plastic Experts. PURAD piping components are manufactured by AGRU Kunststofftechnik GmbH in Austria in ISO class 5 cleanrooms. They are used for high-tech applications in the semiconductor industry, for TFT and OLED manufacturing, and in the life sciences, food and photovoltaic industries. 

Advantages of Closed-Loop Equipment for Process Cooling

Growing sensitivity to water conservation and the ever-increasing cost to maintain mechanical systems are driving interest in closed-loop evaporative cooling technology. 

By Adam Radford, Global Product Manager – Closed Circuit Coolers EVAPCO 

Peter Dempsey, Axis Communications, looks at the benefits of physical security technologies for data centres to improve security and transform operations for greater resilience and efficiency.

Axis’ integrated video and audio solutions can be employed to protect data centres and ensure smoother operation. Our five-layered approach covers perimeter, premises, buildings, server rooms and server racks, using network enabled security products with edge-based analytics, resulting in a truly intelligent solution that offers comprehensive end-to-end protection. 

Axis enables a smarter and safer world by creating network solutions that provide insights for improving security and new ways of doing business. As the industry leader in network video, Axis offers products and services for video surveillance and analytics, access control, and audio systems. 

Damien Power, Ireland Sales Manager at Condair, explains how to use adiabatic humidifiers for evaporative cooling in AHUs.

To illustrate the potential of using humidifiers for evaporative cooling in AHUs, one client we work with in the telecommunication sector managed to reduce AHU energy consumption by 80% when using a direct evaporative cooling strategy. They were needing to replace mechanical cooling systems in rooms that suffered high heat gain from electronic equipment. They developed an air handling unit that used a direct evaporative cooling strategy. Rather than using mechanical chillers to cool the room, they brought in outside air and vented the internal air. During the winter, it can run in free cooling mode without any need for evaporative cooling, but when the outside temperature rises to around 20°C, the evaporative cooler switches on and increases the cooling capacity. This allows the AHU to successfully achieve the indoor target condition without ever needing mechanical cooling.


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