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Multiple Advertising Opportunities



You can integrate your ads alongside specific articles and content areas that matter to you! 

bE mix of advertising with FREE EDITORIAL opportunities is the top-level marketing package specifically designed to give your company maximum visibility.


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Contextual Targeting


Tailoring adverts to the content near which they are displayed

You can position your ads alongside specific articles and content areas that matter to you. Place your ads on pages based on the content. For example, this could be ads for AHU next to an article about HVAC, or it could be ads for generator near a power feature.

Rates and Package Deals

Whatever your needs and budget, we have an innovative and creative advertising solutions to suit you. Ranging from a basic free listing in the upcoming web directory section, to our Platinum premium package consisting of print advertising with free content, free web banner and a variety of other marketing options.

Print Advertising

All options include adverts in Built Environment magazine either facing or placed near contents page. 

Advertise in Built Environment and get free editorial in our print magazine+ free space on our website sections that suit you the most.

Are there discounts and promotions available? We offer various discounts and promotions throughout the year. There are some fantastic print and digital deals available 

Package Print & Digital Deals:

1 Full Page Ad Placement in First 10 pages of Magazine + free full page editorial – business announcement, technical presentation with pictures in bE Magazine + 1 Product Spotlight slot on the website for 6 months.

Premium Package (Inside front Cover or Outside back cover) + free Web Leaderboard Ad (homepage placement at the top of the page, above the content 6 months) + In Print free 2 page content + 2 Product Spotlight Slots on the web which can be case studies or product promotion – with free design.

Digital Promotion

WEB Advertising: Annual premium subscription includes: Web Leaderboard Ad (homepage placement at the top of the page, above the content. +  Free 4 company news or case studies each 700 words plus pictures. 20% discount to Event Sponsorship prices & 2 free passes to virtual networking event. With gold subscription your Logo will feature prominently throughout our website + various blog placements. Platinum will give you banner in sections of your choice + free case studies and more. There are many other digital options you can use effectively. 


Event Sponsorship package for Virtual bE Data Centre Networking MeetUp: All sponsors will get virtual space for promotional material (Brochure PDFs, Video links, Chat facility for Interactions) +

Lead sponsors get Speaking session 30 Minutes + Free Virtual passes for your invitees + Free 2 Full pages in Built Environment magazine + Free Editorial + Web Banner Ad (homepage, 2 months)

Platinum, Gold and Silver Sponsors will all get exclusive Combo Of Free Content & Web

Data Centre DEAL Special OFFER until 19 February 2024

Get Free Space

Businesses who advertise with bE magazine will receive 3 months of FREE WEB AD with free design; FREE EDITORIAL and a 20% DISCOUNTS on rates for all additional placements.