Riello Energy Efficiency with Modular UPS

With Ireland’s booming data centre sector showing no signs of slowing down, serious questions are being asked about whether the country will keep up with the increased demand for electricity. Chris Cutler of Riello UPS highlights one solution that helps IT administrators significantly reduce their power consumption.

It’s not only Brexit where there’s been a fundamental shift in UK-Ireland relations… Late last year, Dublin overtook London as Europe’s largest data hosting cluster with a 25% share of the market. 

There’s already three million square foot of server rooms in the Dublin Metro area, capacity that’s predicted to double within five years. 

More than 50 data centres now operate throughout Ireland, growth driven by the presence of global tech giants Amazon, Facebook, Google, and Microsoft. 

Instead of sizeable standalone units, modular systems such as our award- winning Multi Power consist of several individual rackmount-style modules that work in parallel to deliver the necessary capacity and redundancy.