Commissioning Mission Critical Facilities

A look at the commissioning requirements for data centres – By Ryan Orr, with Chris Brown and Ed Rafter

Many data center owners and others believe that commissioning takes place only in the last days before a facility enters into operation. In reality, commissioning should begin at project inception and continue through the life of the data center.Uptime Institute’s extensive experience reveals that many of the problems, and subsequent consequences, observed in operational facilities could have been identified and remediated during a thorough commissioning process.

Rigorous, comprehensive Level 5 commissioning reduces initial failure rates, ensures that the data center functions as designed, and verifies facility operations capabilities. 



  • Verifies that equipment and systems operate as designed 
  • Provides a baseline for how the facility should perform 
  • Affords the best opportunity for Operations to become familiar with how systems operate without risking critical IT loads 
  • Determines the performance limits of a facility