Hydro66 Data Centre Sweden

Award winning eco sustainability data center

Hydro66 is an ultra-green data center using Europe’s lowest cost 100% hydroelectric energy and free air cooling. 

Hydro66 is the first large-scale colocation provider to deploy this technology combination of direct free air and 100% hydropower. 

“In adopting free air cooling and rejecting compressor based or indirect free air solutions Hydro66 needed a solution that would process and filter large volumes of air efficiently and also be able to control humidity”

Many of the unique features in the Hydro66 data center stem from the disruptive design that takes advantage of the local environmental and operational climate to minimise the impact on the environment as well as significantly reducing costs. 

The company is dedicated to making the economies of scale and innovation available to customers of all sizes that global scale internet companies use on their dedicated sites. Since opening the firm has sold out 90% of the initial 3.6 MW deployment and has subsequently announced the start of construction of a 15 MW expansion. 

The data center is not a normal multi- floor ‘square box’ design, but a unique ‘spine and branch’ design that enables innovative ideas for lowering carbon footprint impacts as well as dramatically lowering the overall PUE of the data center.